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American Literature

with Mrs. Wolfe

  • Beginnings-1776
  • 1776-1820

The Romantic Period

  • 1820-1860


  • 1860-1914

Literary Periods

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Chapter slideshows

American Poetry & Prose

  • 1945-1990

Contemporary American Lit.

  • 1945-Present


  • 1914-1945
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Study Guides

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Unit I

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Unit II

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Unit III

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Unit IV

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Unit V

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Mrs. Wolfe

Teaching Philosophy

I believe educators have the opportunity to make learning magical for their students. I am very understanding of the fact that not everyone is enthusiastic about reading, & I strive to make my lessons as engaging as possible while delivering the quality instruction that my students deserve.

About Me:

  • Mother of Eliot & Ezra (named after authors)
  • Wife of the famous Coach Wolfe
  • OAP Director
  • UIL Academics Coordinator
  • UIL Sponsor: Literary Criticism, Spelling, & Ready Writing
  • Author


  • M.A. Teaching, Louisiana Tech University
  • M.A. English Literature, Louisiana Tech University
  • B.A. English Literature, Louisiana Tech University
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Contact Info.

Ariella Wolfe



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